Jay Morris Memorial Road Race – Ladies, Vets, Juniors

Jay Morris Memorial Road Race – Seniors

JCA Road Race Championships – Seniors

JCA Road Race Championships – Ladies, Vets & Juniors

42 Mile Race

The Caesarean Cycling Club held the third massed start race of the season in perfect conditions. This 42 miles race the longest bunched race of the 1956 programme consisting of six laps. From a start at the top of Jubilee Hill the riders peddled to La Croix au Lion and a long the St Ouen’s Road. At the Parish Hall the riders swung left down a long but gentle slope onto the Five Mile Road. There were no decisive break aways durning the race a part from a small gap forced by Stan Perchard and Donald Ecobichon but before they could consolidate a lead they were absorbed by the main bunch. The deciding factor was Jubilee Hill and on the final lap Graeme Audoire forced a break at the bottom and was quickly followed by Perchard and Hubert. These last two dropped Audoire and the race was won by Hubert who beat Perchard by a length in the final sprint. The winner’s average speed was just over 21 m.p.h.