Caesarean Cycling Club

The CCC is the oldest and largest Cycling Club in Jersey. We organise over 100 events throughout the year for riders of all abilities and ages in some picturesque locations. The youngest of the mountain bikers is five and our oldest active member is seventy-five. Everyone is welcome.

Our events cover off road MTB on private land, circuit racing at Les Quennevais, time trials and road races on open roads. Besides the competitive side of the sport, club runs depart from La Mare slip, St Clement’s coast road every Saturday at 0930 throughout the year. These rides head out to St Catherine’s and then across the north of the island for a café stop at St Ouen. These rides proceed at a steady pace that any reasonably fit person can manage. However, after St Catherine’s the pace does quicken and riders fall into their own ability groups. Regardless of fitness everybody is heading towards the café stop and it is often the tortoise who arrives before the hare!

On Sunday during the winter months riders meet at 0930 at Norman’s, Commercial Buildings St Helier. This is very much a club run and the route to the café stop is always different. If you struggle on the hills (don’t we all) regrouping takes place at the top – no one gets left behind.

If mountain biking is your interest then you are also well catered for. Three series are usually run: Winter, Summer and the Rough and Smooth. Each series consists of 8 – 10 events with Elite, Sports, Veterans, Junior and School Boy riders all placed in their respective categories. Mountain bikers can also ride on the Les Quennevais circuit on Thursday evenings, Tuesday evening and Sunday morning time trials.

For the younger mountain bike enthusiasts aged twelve and under, there is now a regular winter series of 6 to 7 events. Age groups divide the classes and this ensures close and interesting competition, but the emphasis is always on enjoyment, and there is nothing better then getting covered in mud with Mum’s permission. There are some School Boy riders who started their cycling days in the under twelve series, who now compete very successfully on senior courses against older and more experienced riders in both local and UK competitions.

At the top end of competitive cycling we send riders to the Commonwealth Games and Island Games. We also encourage all riders to compete in the UK to obtain the standards required to go to the big Games events. Needless to say financial assistance from the club is normally granted for people with serious aspirations.

Without doubt the Club’s and Island’s most successful rider is Lynn Minchinton who won four UCI World Masters Track World Championships at the Manchester Velodrome setting two world records in her age group in the process. This is a tremendous record:

  • 1995 World Champion Points Race
  • 1998 World Champion Sprint and new Masters world record 200m qualifying time (flying)
  • 1998 World Champion 500m TT and new Masters world record (standing start)
  • 1998 World Champion Points Race

Besides all the above activity Club members participate in randonneés in France. Riders of all abilities can take part and choose distances of 60km, 100km or 160km. There is always a marvellous atmosphere at these events and you can ride as hard or as easy as you like. Above all cycling should be fun and fun is what you will get in the CCC.

You can find out more about CCC by visiting our website.